Wholesale Lanyards For Trade Shows and Conventions

Wholesale Lanyards

If you’re doing fundraising for any reason, or just looking for a product to take your message to the streets, wholesale lanyards are a smart buy. They’re functional enough for everyday wear, so your business name and logo will get the exposure you want. But if you’re looking for a recipe for success, remember that lanyards are just one item on the menu that is your marketing plan.

Fostering client relationships requires work. Just having a good product or service might be enough to draw a crowd, but unless you’re selling magic beans or sips from the fountain of youth, chances are you have competition. In that case, you have to give customers a reason to remain loyal to your brand.

Cultivating Brand Loyalty

Consider your customer relationships like a garden to be tended. You can’t just drop your product or service in their soil. Your continual care is what will win them over, and produce a harvest of repeat business and new business via word-of-mouth advertising. According to author and speaker Charmaine Hammond, “Building a relationship is the first step; maintaining it helps create loyalty.”

So how do you maintain a relationship with your target audience and turn one-time customers into long-term clients? Here are some tips from successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

Take Cues From the Music World

Janet Jackson earned Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song at the 1987 Grammy Awards. “What Have You Done for Me Lately,” the theme of scorned lovers everywhere, is also a valid question for customers with an array of options. When your audience can afford to be choosy, businesses must make it worthwhile to maintain the relationship.

Turn Fury to Fondness

That’s not to say that you’ll never make a mistake with a customer. But if your company goofs, they should recognize their error and accept responsibility. According to AboutFace, a business consulting firm, there’s a brief window of opportunity that follows a service failure where clients can recover trust for your business and leap from a state of disappointment to loyalty. Smart businesses will negotiate to please the customer and show them their human side. You can read more about wholesale lanyards here.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing method that can work for or against you. It’s true that you can’t please everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. A successful business will strive to always put their best face forward. Research proves that 67 percent of people have read online reviews of local businesses, and 49 percent of people are more likely to use a local business based on those reviews.

When you consider the amount of communication that goes on in social media forums, you can quickly see how one customer’s positive or negative experience can seriously affect your business. Remember, if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.

The above are just a few examples of what any smart marketer can do to generate a strong business reputation and earn customer respect and repeat business. Cool giveaways, including wholesale lanyards, will get you started.

Custom Lanyards in the Workforce


If you are looking for custom lanyards in the workforce or for your business, look no further. Direct Lanyards is the industry’s best source for competitively priced lanyards that look great and resist wear. When other lanyards become frayed and worn, our quality products remain sturdy and stylish. With nearly endless options for customizing, you can get the colors and styles that suit your needs or precisely match your business logo. Choose from a variety of fabrics and fonts. When you buy from the best, you’re sure to impress your audience!

Impressing your Audience

And speaking of impressions, lanyards provide many ways to influence those around you, and to show them your generosity and professionalism. If you’re looking for ways to extend your reach, here are some ideas.


Giving items away might seem counterproductive if you’re a small business owner with a meager advertising budget. You might think only big businesses can afford to be generous, right? The truth is, giveaways have long been a successful strategy that relies on a person’s basic instincts. It’s a tactic that businesses of every size can use. Here’s how giveaways get results.

Most people were taught to use good manners – to say “thank you” and to respond to the kindness of others. That’s precisely why giveaways are a good idea. We’re not talking about flimsy products that end up in the trash can, or in a child’s toy box. Lanyards are ideal because they’re an item everyone can use, which ensures your gift will get the attention it deserves, and your efforts won’t go unnoticed. When you employ the giveaway marketing method, you’re sure to get a flood of new and repeat customers in return. You engage your audience and open the lines of communication. But the recipient is just one of many potential customers you can earn. Wherever your logoed lanyard goes, so too does your business name. And that’s how the marketing magic happens!


Whatever your worthy cause, fundraising can help raise awareness, and provide funds for improvements. It takes hard work to inspire people to part with their money, but savvy marketers know how to successfully connect with the community and show people the value of giving. It doesn’t hurt to have a nice product to offer, too. A custom lanyard for the workforce is the perfect place to put your logo or charity name.

Direct Lanyards

If you’re in need of lanyards for any reason, your ultimate supplier is Direct Lanyards. Factory direct pricing ensures you get the best price possible anywhere. Quick turnaround times, free delivery, and phenomenal customer service are just a few of the reasons we’re leaders in lanyard manufacturing. Place your order today!

Key Chain Lanyards

Key chains

For as long as we’ve used keys, key chains have been a necessity. They’ve kept us organized, and on time. Anyone who’s ever been locked out of their car on a cold day, or kept from their home, knows that it’s no fun to lose a set of keys. If you consider the service that lanyard key chains provide, you realize just how spectacular they are, and all the ways they save us from chaos every day. Here are some examples.

They keep us warm.  

It’s never convenient to lose your keys. Nevertheless, they always seem to go missing when the weather’s inclement. Maybe it’s because you worked so hard to prepare for the harsh conditions that you inadvertently forgot your keys. You remembered to don your long johns, tie on your wool scarf, slip into your fur-lined boots and stuff your hands inside a cozy pair of gloves. In all your preparations, you left your keys inside. Now you’ve locked the door by hand and shut it behind you. You’re standing on your porch, staring at the locked car with a face frozen solid and feet tingling. Things would’ve gone differently if you’d only had a lanyard for your keys.

They keep us clothed and fed (sort of).

Okay, so many of us are not wealthy, though we may be sufficiently fed and clothed thanks to our steady employment. No matter what our earnings, we would surely be in bad shape if we let our lost keys keep us from our work. If we missed important meetings and our attendance suffered as we searched for keys to our homes and cars, we might soon lose both. And that’s how lanyards and keychains keep us thriving.

They save relationships.

It seems that every family has a few relatives that are difficult. Maybe it’s an uncle, a cousin, or even a sibling. In that case, there’s probably tension at the table when the holidays roll around. You’ll want to do your best to keep the peace whenever you can. If you lose your keys prior to picking up those special people from the airport, you’d better find a locksmith fast! Leaving them waiting will only complicate things further.

They help us in business.

If you’re a business owner or marketer, then you know the importance of promotional products. You know that the right giveaways can help improve your company image as you draw potential clients and show appreciation to existing customers, employees and vendors. So how do keychains help in business? They’re better than leaky pens and flimsy Frisbees. Because everyone has keys, they appeal to just about everyone. When you give out lanyards and key chains, you can’t go wrong!

Back to School Lanyards — Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Back to School Lanyards

Whenever I need to order back to school lanyards for my son, I always try to include some science fiction designs. My son complains every time, saying that it gets him in trouble, especially with his strict science teacher. I inevitably respond with my list detailing how science fiction has directly inspired normative science, so we should all be grateful.

I’m sure you’d like to hear them as well!

Take, for example, the submarine—a device that originally appeared in Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” published in 1870. American inventor Simon Lake became captivated by the descriptions of Verne, and made it a reality in 1898 when the first submarine took its maiden voyage out in the open sea. Lake added a periscope, ballast tanks, and diver compartments, setting it apart from the fabled Nautilus of the novel. Verne himself wrote Lake a congratulatory letter on making fiction a reality.

Jules Verne also inspired the helicopter, believe it or not. The vehicle appears in his novel “Clipper of the Clouds,” and that motivated Igor Sikorsky, inventor of the modern helicopter. Even more astounding, in his 1865 novel “From the Earth to the Moon,” Verne describes a mission to the moon that has striking parallels to the Apollo mission, which happened over a hundred years later.

But Verne doesn’t get the nod for imagining the modern rocket. That goes to H.G. Wells, in his 1896 novel “War of the Worlds.” Rockets made an appearance for the first time in that book, and in 1926, American scientist Robert H. Goddard successfully built the first liquid-fueled rocket. Goddard publicly claimed Wells was his major inspiration.

Wells also gets the nod for being the mind behind the invention of the atomic bomb. His 1914 novel “The World Set Free” describes atomic energy being used as a weapon for mass destruction. Physicist Leo Szilard read the book in 1932, and this inspired him to understand how to create a nuclear chain reaction. A year later, the ability to create such a chain reaction became a reality.

But weapons are not all that science fiction has inspired, not by a long shot. An example is a peaceful but culture-changing device like the cell phone. Cell phones originally appeared in the Star Trek television series. In fact, Motorola, the original creator of the cell phone, admitted that it wanted to replicate the tool that got the Enterprise crew beamed up in so many memorable shows.

(My son often mentions that the cell phone is actually a weapon, when I call him angrily because he’s past his curfew, but I see that as illogical, my little Spock).

And you can also make Star Trek responsible for the creation of QuickTime, the multimedia program that also changed our society. Apple scientist Steve Perlman admits he got the idea for QuickTime while watching an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” where a character is listening to many tracks at once on his computer.

What about the internet? Believe it or not, some claim that is was envisioned by none other than Mark Twain. Twain was also a science fiction writer, and in 1904, he wrote an article in the London Times describing a device called the “telelectroscope.” The fantastic invention basically used the early telephone system to create a world-wide network that shared information.

None of these science fiction inspirations (and many more I’ve mentioned) have ever made my son feel better about the extra designs on his back to school lanyards. It obviously hasn’t yet convinced his science teacher, as I continually get a note from him demanding that I should invent a device that makes me follow simple rules.
How illogical!

Saving Time with Neck Lanyards

Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are the simple, inexpensive accessories that help you live better by giving you back a little bit more of that one thing we all want – time.

According to C.S. Lewis, “The future is something that everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”

No matter your age or gender, what you earn annually, and whether you’re single or married, you have just 24 hours in your day. How we spend our time can determine our level of happiness, success and life fulfillment. Time management skills can benefit everyone from the busiest executive to the elementary school kid.

Neck lanyards, located here,  help keep us organized, and in the process they save us time. When we don’t have to search for things we use often, we can focus on more important tasks. A variety of other gadgets and time-saving tactics can help you clear some of the clutter from your schedule. Here are some ideas.

Time Management Tips

Entrepreneur and author Todd Smith said that the first step to becoming an effective time manager is to have the desire to be more productive. If this goal is not important to you, you won’t do what’s necessary to develop better habits. By practicing time-management skills, you can become more effective and efficient, and in turn take control of your workload rather than the reverse, said Smith.

Take advantage of your own productivity— Some of us are early risers, while others are more energized in the evenings. However you’re wired, it’s prudent to identify your productivity patterns, and take advantage by scheduling your most difficult or mentally taxing tasks at those times.

Refuse to WorryCorrie Ten Boom, concentration camp survivor and renowned author said, “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” Don’t waste time worrying about things you cannot control. Focus instead on all you can do today to reach goals, or to progress.

Examine your current schedule – Look for ways to be more efficient. Think about things you can do to eliminate disorder and streamline your daily routine. Consider services you could reasonably pay for – lawn care, house cleaning, delivery of products, etc. — and use that time to generate more money or work toward your objectives.

Create a recipe for success – There’s no point in creating goals if you are not going to also create an action plan. It would be foolish to think you could make a favorite dish without the recipe and ingredients. Think of your schedule and daily goals in the same way. Decide how you’re going to achieve the final product — whatever that may be — and outline the steps to getting there. Then, gather your ingredients and put the recipe together.

Stay positiveNegativity is a time waster, the same as worry. When you maintain a positive attitude, your energy levels are higher, you attention is focused, and you’re better able to be productive.  

With neck lanyards and the above steps to greater productivity, you’ll surely be a force to be reckoned with!

Marketing with Lanyards is Logical and Functional

Marketing With Lanyards

Marketing with lanyards has become a logical choice, given their functionality and personalization. These simple neck accessories have surpassed once highly-prized promotional products. Direct Lanyards is proud to declare that lanyards have become today’s marketing mainstays!

Lanyards – Ladder Of Success  

Yes, lanyards have proudly obtained the title of marketing mainstay, and it’s been a long climb to the top. For centuries, lanyards have suffered as silent workhorses, lacking the fame and recognition they deserved – it’s a Cinderella story. Since the 1500s, the neck pieces have served as personal assistants. They carried swords, pistols and whistles for personnel in the French military. Their durability and performance made them essential for everyone from the sailor to the soldier.

Lo these many years, lanyards have remained faithful when so many products have made us feel foolish for ever buying them. They’ve stayed with us when the others came and went. They remained relevant when cassette tapes and Beta videos become obsolete. They kept busy while our public pay phones sat idly by and our road maps stayed sealed in our glove boxes – GPS devices doing their jobs.

Through all these changing years, lanyards have only evolved to become more useful for the wearer. They now keep safe our cell phones. Lanyards carry our keys, sunglasses, USB flash drives and more. But they aren’t just great tools for toting our goods, they also help keep us healthy and sane, and promote our success in the workplace. Here’s how…

Lanyards Keep Us Sane

Ever lost your keys and nearly your mind, simultaneously? The problem with keys is they can be a bit mysterious — like those socks that sneak off into undetermined places, leaving their widowed mates without a purpose. By holding your keys captive in a safe place, lanyards help keep you sane by sparing you from the frantic key search.

Lanyards Help Keep us Healthy

Health experts urge people to drink at least eight glasses of water daily – more in the heat and while exercising. For the busy person, it can be difficult remembering to hydrate throughout the day. It becomes even more difficult to wield fresh water when you’ve got a ton of important gadgets to go with you and only two hands to take them.

Although the beverage helmet was a creative invention, it’s just not practical on good hair days. So what are your options? You don’t have to let your health suffer while you forgo your fluid intake. Simply use a lanyard to carry your water bottle! In this way, lanyards can help keep you healthy.

Lanyards Help Us Succeed in the Workplace

Workplace lanyards keep our identification visible. They carry our key badges, ensuring we always have entry into those employee-only areas. Without our workplace lanyards, who would we be? It’s anybody’s guess since we’d not have proper identification. While lanyards carry our badges and keys, we can focus on our all-important job tasks, becoming more proficient at work. In this way, lanyards help boost our success.

Marketing With Lanyards – It Just Makes Sense

The above reasons explain why lanyards are useful and why marketing with lanyards just makes sense. The smart marketer takes the ever-efficient lanyard and makes it a promotional product – a giveaway that everyone wants to get their hands on. And with state-of-the-art printing and embroidery techniques, Direct Lanyards make company lanyards sharp and stylish!

Customized Lanyards at Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Lanyards

When it comes to bulk buying, finding the right supplier is crucial. You won’t make any friends snagging entire stocks of store-bought supplies from shelves – especially if they’re sale items. When you buy your wholesale lanyards from Direct Lanyards, you can be sure we have the quantity you need at factory-direct prices – no sale needed.

Wholesale Lanyards – No Sales Hassles Here!  

On certain days of the year and with special promotions in place, retails compete to offer the best prices to eager buyers. We’ve all seen those customer lines that are wound like skeins of yarn, on shopping days where finding a great parking space feels like winning the lottery. We see bold shoppers wearing warrior faces and wielding wallets, determined to get the hottest merchandise at the lowest prices. And while this adrenaline-pumping adventure might appeal to many people, Direct Lanyards takes pride in making your buying experience effortless. We’re not proponents of sales hassles, but we do believe in offering the best deals around.

When you buy your wholesale lanyards at Direct Lanyards, you get phenomenal products at wholesale prices. As long-time lanyard producers, we have the expertise to make your custom lanyards professionally and stylishly. And with easy ordering and free shipping to any address in the United States, we make your buying experience a breeze.

Order Now!

Simply fill out our no-obligation free quote form and we’ll send you a speedy price quote and digital design proof. Or call us directly at 1-800-570-3260, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET.

 Get your wholesale lanyards at Direct Lanyards, and enjoy super prices and a stress-free shopping experience!

Custom Printed Lanyards Announcing Your Brand

Custom Printed Lanyards

Custom printed lanyards are the subtle voice that announces your brand, shares your slogan, or distributes your company contact information. With so much advertising inundating our world, it is surely a feat to simply get noticed. And whether you’re in need of custom lanyards for business or personal use, Direct Lanyards has high-quality lanyards at low prices for every buyer.

Custom Means…

Custom means cool, classic, creative – it means whatever you want it to mean, and that’s the point. Custom printed lanyards allow you to make the everyday accessories your own, with detailed and distinct designs. Take a peek at your style options:

Polyester, the most popular style of lanyards boasts durable dyed fabric in the colors you choose. Using our state-of-the-art printing process, we screen print your message of logo on the lanyard.

Woven polyester, offer classic needle-and-thread embroidery for a textured look and feel.

Nylon lanyards are silky and bold. They’re a favorite among advertisers for their high-end look and eye-catching qualities.

Tubular imprinted polyester lanyards are a lower-cost option that has a shoelace-like look and feel. Although they use less fabric than the typical lanyard, they still provide a printable area for your message.

Dye Sublimated lanyards are the newest variety of our custom printed lanyards, offering a soft but durable polyester fabric and an innovative look. The full-color dye-sublimated process creates an embedded look with blended colors.

No matter which type of lanyard you choose, Direct Lanyards delivers phenomenal products and factory-direct prices.

Order now!

It’s easy to order your custom printed lanyards via our no-obligation free quote form. We’ll send a speedy price quote and professionally designed digital art proof, right to your inbox. And if you feel like chatting with our friendly customer service staff, feel free to call us at 1-800-570-3260, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET.  Direct Lanyards does custom printed lanyards with style!

Promoting Business Lanyards

Business Promotions with Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are a great way to promote a business or organization, or raise awareness for a cause. Practically anything can be included on bright and colorful custom lanyards, from a simple logo to contact information, an inspirational message, or a marketing tagline.

The great thing about lanyards is that they hang around the neck, rather than pin to your clothing. The pins on pin-back badge holders only serve to make holes in clothing and cause the thread to unravel. Lanyards also are a great alternative to clip-on badge holders, because they’re not easily lost.

You can use lanyards to get your brand or message in front of everyone you encounter. And that helps people remember you company, brand or organization. When people think back to the encounter, they’ll no doubt recall a specific image, and custom lanyards can do the trick. That image can be your logo or brand.

Comfortable and attractive, these accessory brand ambassadors come in many different colors. They’re inexpensive, so they’re easy on your marketing budget. What’s more, you have the value-add services of color matching to your logo. When you order from Direct Lanyards, you’ll also get shipping, art design, and setup for free.

If you’re unsure to what to include, speak with a customer service representative. Our team of professionals will help you to create the perfect, most effective lanyards to grab the attention of everyone you and your team meet.

Our turnaround time and level of quality is unparalleled. When you experience our concierge customer service, you’ll agree that Direct Lanyards stands head and shoulders above all else in the industry. You’ll be delighted from beginning to end with every step throughout the process.

Hundreds of businesses have trusted us for their marketing needs, and serve as our greatest testimonial. Plus, we won’t keep you in the dark. You’ll be apprised of every step of the process when you order your custom lanyards from us.

Click here for more lanyard information.

Personalized Lanyards for Special Days

May the Fourth … and Other Special Days for Personalized Lanyards

People enjoy wearing personalized lanyards to support or promote causes, organizations, or businesses. The month of May has plenty of themes for anyone looking for that extra activism spice, but they tend to be on the bizarre side.

Let’s begin at the beginning of the month, in a galaxy far, far away. May 4 has become widely known as Star Wars Day, basically a good excuse to say, “May the Fourth be with you.” I’m sure on May 6, after hearing this a lot, many will be barking, “This is the revenge of the Sixth!”

It gets better, though. The month of May also hosts  Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9), Leprechaun Day (May 13), National Escargot Day (May 24), and End of the Middle Ages Day (May 24). Beyond finally knowing when the Middle Ages actually ended, at least it’s comforting to see that in May we may all find our missing single socks, even if they might have a cooked snail in them.

It seems society does have too much time on its hands (and certainly space in its calendars), so this can be celebrated on May 19 when Frog Jumping Jubilee Day is held.

There are some May celebrations that do fall close to being holy. For example, we do have National Chocolate Chip Day (May 15) and National Hoagie Day (May 5), which many people will have no problem rallying around. May 11 is also Eat What You Want Day and Twilight Zone Day. I think you’re reading my mind: My house with a Twilight Zone marathon and a constant stream of pizza delivery!

So next time you might be wondering what to place on personalized lanyards or any other type of promotional object, think of May, and may the fourth be with you!